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  • A shooting sport is a competitive sport involving tests of proficiency (accuracy and speed) using various types of guns.
  • Categorization is based on the type of firearm, target, and distance at which the targets are shot.
  • Training : A shooting sport is a competitive sport involving tests of proficiency (accuracy and speed) using various types of guns, such as firearms and air guns.


  • A specialized facility designed for archery & firearms practice.
  • Each activity is overseen by one or more supervisory personnel.
  • Supervisory personnel are responsible for ensuring that all weapon safety rules and relevant government regulations are followed at all times.
  • Shooting ranges are available indoors or outdoors, and each is restricted to certain types of arms.


  • We feature Lebanon’s finest, state-of-the-art facility sets the standard for safety, proficiency, and friendliness.
  • Compare SWAT to any indoor range in the state! Take a tour and experience a free shooting experience with one of our professionals.
  • No one compares to SWAT on price, quality, value or experience.
  • It’s simple, the SWAT Standard.



  • The SWAT Shooting Club is a sports club that promotes firearms safety, education and responsible firearm ownership.
  • We provide structured training, organized matches and a fun, sociable atmosphere that welcomes new members and continually improve the skills of existing members.
  • The SWAT Shooting Club is a new club that opened 19 Feb. 2017. It plans to be Lebanon's premier shooting range to host local, national and international shooting competitions.



Our Mission

We as Lebanese have a pride in the ownership of guns and gun collections.
We as SWAT Shooting Club consider sharpshooting as a fun and wholesome recreational activity for people of all ages.
SWAT SHOOTING CLUB is committed to perseverance in enlightenment, direction, and development of true shooters in all of Lebanon The responsible, disciplined and organized introduction of shooting activities and gun culture will diminish the risk of gun violence and maintain wise and safe society.

SWAT SHOOTING CLUB is driven by its mission and values; the vision will be carried out through:

  • Providing access to knowledge about weapons through giving instructions for their safe usage, and proper discipline and shooting Attracting and retaining trainers whom are both experienced & well-knowledgeable about guns and shooting sports Attracting, nurturing, and retaining very knowledgeable customers committed to discipline in the field of civilian weaponry.
  • Embracing curiosity about weapons and proper etiquette for new comers, and new ideas for well-established practitioners Developing a close and tightly-bonded community that excels in its knowledge, attitude, and discipline towards guns.
  • Developing of a safer society.

What's New

Bilingual Speakers

Staff is able to provide brief safety instructions in English, Arabic, and French. Sales & more We offer various types of gadgets, paper targets, gun cleaning products, souvenirs, and more!